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  ​  All-terrain Vehicle Technology



Information needed for inquiry of Robot chassis

  We have different types of robot chassis designed for different application field with different sizes and functions. 

  Before quote, Could you provide the information below:

 1. What size of chassis would you like to have? L*W*H? 
 2. What is the max load of chassis?
 3. What road status you would like the chassis working through? like: sands? snowy? muddy? rocky? ...
 4. Any other special requirements? Does it need water proof? 
 5. Does it need remote control? if yes, how many meters? 
 6. Quantity.
 7. Destination port of shipping.

   Normally, battery is not included in the quotation since it's dangerous goods and transportation cost is high. If you can not buy the batteries locally, we can ship to you seperately. 

Information needed for inquiry of rubber track conversion kits - 

   The following information is needed when you require an inquiry of rubber track conversion system: 

  1. The vehicle type, better have pictures.

  2. The weight of vehicle and max loading of it. 

  3. Radius or diameter of tyre / Width of tyre. 

  4. Quantity / Destination port of shipping.

  5. Connection shaft head bolts pattern, this information can be provided before order. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - 

 1. Q:  Where is your factory located? 

     A:  Our factory located in Shijiazhuang city of Hebei province of China. 

 2. Q:  Can you provide drawing of the rubber track products? 

     A:  Yes, we can provide drawing for outside dimensions before order. 

 3. Q:  Can you provide circuit for the rubber track tank chassis / robot platform / robot undercarriage / robot crawler? 

     A:  We'll provide circuit drawing along with the chassis when shipping or sent to you by email. 

 4. Q:  How many years guarantee for your rubber track products? 

     A:  We have 1 year guarantee. 

 5. Q:  Is there spare parts attached when shipping? 

     A:  Yes, all spare parts that needed will be included in the shipment of products.

 6. Q: Which type of rubber track do you use in your products? Is there joints in the rubber tracks? 

​     A: All rubber tracks produced in Fightertracks are using continuous spiral structure rubber tracks, we 

         never use rubber tracks with overlapping joint structure. 

Our products have been exported to customer in Europe / Australia / Russia / American,...

We can arrange both sea shipping and air shipping as per your needs. 

More questions, please contact us directly through email:  info@fightertracks.com