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Information needed for ​the inquiry of tracked robot base - 

We have different types of robot chassis designed for different applications, with different sizes and functions. Before you quote, could you provide the following information:
1. What size chassis do you want to have? L*W*H?
2. What is the maximum load of the chassis?
3. What road status do you want the chassis to pass through? Like: Sand? snow? muddy? rock? ...
4. Are there any other special requirements? Need waterproofing?
5. Do I need a remote control? If so, how many meters?
6. Quantity.
7. Destination shipping port.

Information required for inquiry of rubber track conversion kits: 

1. Vehicle type, preferably with a picture.
2. The weight and maximum load of the vehicle.
3. The radius or diameter/width of the tire.
4. Quantity/destination port.
5. Connect the shaft bolt pattern, this information can be provided prior to ordering.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - 

 1. Q:  Where is your factory located? 

     A:  Our factory is located in Shijiazhuang city of Hebei province of China. 

 2. Q:  Can you provide a drawing of the rubber track products? 

     A:  Yes, we can provide drawing for outside dimensions before ordering. 

 3. Q:  Can you provide a circuit for the rubber track tank chassis/robot platform/robot undercarriage/ robot crawler? 

     A:  We'll provide a circuit drawing along with the chassis when shipping or send it to you by email. 

 4. Q:  How many years guarantee for your rubber track products? 

     A:  We have a 1-year guarantee. 

 5. Q: Are there spare parts attached when shipping? 

     A:  Yes, all spare parts that are needed will be included in the shipment of products.

 6. Q: Which type of rubber track do you use in your products? Are there joints in the rubber tracks? 

​     A: All rubber tracks produced in Fightertracks are using continuous spiral structure rubber tracks, we never use rubber tracks with overlapping joint structures. 

Here are more questions customers often asked about tracked robot base: 

1. Is the speed of the vehicle considered with the max load on it? Or is it without the payload?
   A: The speed is with the max load. All of our chassis will be tested with max loading before shipping make sure it meet the specifications you required. 

2. What are the distances between the ground and the underside of the vehicles? Are these distances changeable by the user?
   A: These distances are not changeable by the user. The distance will be listed in the drawing. 
3. Up to what degree of slope can these vehicles climb?
   A: It can climb 35-40 degrees, it depends on the gravity center. 

4. What degree of side slope can these vehicles ride on?
   A: It normally can ride at 35 degrees.

5. How far away can these vehicles be remote-controlled wirelessly?
   A: Under empty space: 500m

6. About batteries: 

   Q1: Are the batteries included when you are selling the unit? What type of battery are you using? What are their specifications?
   A1: Batteries are not included in normal conditions, because the shipping of batteries is limited in sea/air shipping.

      The batteries we recommended are Lithium battery or Lead-acid battery, 48V, 30-70 Ahr.  Please give the following information to supplier when order battery: 

      Output with blue Anderson plug 50A, with 8mm2 wire 0.3m. Standard three phase socket for charging. The battery requires voltage and power display and no need communication. Protection plate with self-recovery hardware, rated current 100A. If Iron Lithium battery, it can be 16 cells connected, max voltage: 58.8V for 48V motor use.  

      The lead-acid battery can be used as 4*12V connected in series, this type of battery are popular and easy to get becasue it is normally used in car starting.  

   Q2: How long can the battery run after charging? 
   A2: The MI-100C type can run 2-3 hours with a 48V, 40 Ahr battery, the battery type we recommend using Lithium Iron battery or Lead-acid battery, 48V, 40-60Ahr. The time have some difference with different robot base size with different battery. 

   Q3: How are you charging the batteries and for how long?
   A3: It depends on the battery type and size, normally 7-8 hours.

   Q4: If the batteries are not included do you sell them separately?
   A4: It can be sold separately, but we need to find a way of shipping.  Firstly, you can check to see if you can buy locally.  If the answer is no, then you can buy from us, after we confirm the shipping and freight of shipping with you. 

7. After I get the vehicle I would like to be able to send commands to the motor controllers using my PC. How can I send commands to motors?
   A: We have software for the PC, connect your PC by USB/ 485 type connector with our controller, then the motor can be controlled by PC. All questions in the adjusting, our engineer can support online. 

​​Our products have been exported to customers in Europe / Australia / Russia / American,...

We can arrange both sea shipping and air shipping as per your needs. 

More questions, please contact us directly through email:  info@fightertracks.com

All of our rubber track products are produced in China, we provide worldwide shipping service, no matter by air, sea, or courier.  If you need shipping to the door, please leave your address/port when you sent an inquiry to us. 


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