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All of our rubber track products are produced in China, we provide worldwide shipping service, no matter by air, sea, or courier.  If you need shipping to the door, please leave your address/port when you sent an inquiry to us. 

Core Technology Mastering 

Focus on manufacturing and developing of rubber track products, strong R&D ability 
in rubber tracks products.​

​​R&D with universities

Working closely with universities and institutes, keep our technology in the leading position of tracked vehicles industry in China.  


Tracked robot chassis

 India Defenses Marine Inspector & Cleaner Co. Ltd 

 Australia Ocean Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd

 ITESM CCM University                                         
 Woolongong Part., Ltd.
 Zaeim International LLC . Co.
 Nexter Robotics (France) 
 Greenlove Technology, Japan

 ​Beijing Xinye Aero-equiments Co., Ltd
 Shanxi Shuhang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
 Harerbin University of Technology Robot Institute
 Hubei Jinjing Machinery Products Co., Ltd
 China Power Investment Group Xinjiang branch. 
 Nanjing University of Technology.
 Hangzhou Forklift Group Co., Ltd



​​Our products have passed RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) European Union Certification.

To ensure that our products are conducive to human health and environmental protection.

All of our products comply with international quality standards and very greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

​       Aimipaer (Shijiazhuang) Technology Co., Ltd (Fighter tracks) is a professional manufacturer that focuses on researching & manufacturing all-terrain tracked systems, tracked chassis, rubber track robot platforms, tracked robot base, rubber track assembly, rubber tracks, rubber track chassis for stair climbing, tracked wheelchair, robot rubber tracks, and its chassis assembly, special vehicle, and track system. 

     The above-tracked products can be used in general vehicles like ATV all-terrain vehicles, SUV / UTV, pickup trucks, etc, and special vehicles like light armored vehicles, special robots, agricultural machinery, rescue, and relief vehicles, which go for different terrains like frozen snow, swamps, deserts, mountains, beaches and so on.

     Working closely with colleges and institutes, we have strong R&D capability in developing all-terrain rubber track assembly systems and rubber-tracked chassis used on different vehicles and robots. We also provide designing and fabricating services for robotic arms, claws, and related non-standard equipment. 

​​Advanced equipment

Advanced metal laser jet cutting machine and rubber track molding machine assure the high quality of product. 



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​​Email: ​​info@f-tracks.com

Tracked robot paltform, robot platforms, tracked robot chassis

20+ years experiences

20+ years experience in tracked vehicle manufacturing. 

 Shanghai  Fire -Fighting Institute.                                         

 Shanghai  Ocean Engineering Institute.                                 

 Shanghai  Nuclear Engineering Institute.                              
 Shijiazhuang Military Equipment Institute.                            
 Shijiazhuang Military Equipment College.                             
 No.27 Army of PLA.                                                                
 No.6410 factory of PLA Army.                                                
 Tianjin Enzar Extinguishing Co., Ltd                                     

 Nanjing Jute Robot Co., Ltd                                                
 Shanghai Heshi Robot Co., Ltd
 Shenzhen Artificial Intelligent Co., Ltd
 Baoding Dabai Robot Co., Ltd
 Beijing Lingtian Robot Co., Ltd
 Hebei Institute of Machinery
 Bejing University of Technology.
 Beijing Sandian Xunjie Power Designing Co., Ltd.
 Shanghai Jingyu International Trading Co., Ltd.