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​Fighting tanks (outdoor vehicle, tracked vehicle)

They are genuine miniature versions of the true tanks, not just a model. Imagine how children feel

when they drive a tank real! Different models to select (a series including big and small ones), the

tank riders can either be adults or children with perfect tank driving experience.

Tracked snow vehicles are real tanks but in miniature so children can drive them on their own. The

mini driving tanks run in all weathers (even snow). A low center of gravity makes it very stable. 

Parents can sit back and relax knowing their children are safe driving around in tanks.​

It is also ideal for tank rental. When people are getting sick of Tomas Trains or tanks games, try tank battle games! All these vehicles are designed and manufactured based on the battle tank,

our chief engineer has been in a military factory for many years. Surely kids will love tank driving games (fighting).​​

Be together with friends, kids, or parents to start driving days!