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​Fighter tracks is not only rubber track products manufacturer, but also rubber track expert, any special requirements or demands regarding robot tank chassis (tracked robot base, tracked robot chassis) or tracked vehicles, please let us know, we'll help you work it out.

RC remote control tracked fire fighting robot 

Tracked robot paltform, robot platforms, tracked robot chassis
RC remote control tracked fire fighting robot


All-terrain tracked robot chassis, tracked vehicles
Rubber Tracks for Kubota Combine Harvester 450X90X56, 500X90X56

Sprockets for robot tank chassis tracked robot base tracked robot chassis, Idlers for the tracked robot base.

All of our rubber track products are produced in China, we provide worldwide shipping service, no matter by air, sea, or courier.  If you need shipping to the door, please leave your address/port when you sent an inquiry to us. 

​​​Tracked ​Robot Platform / Tracked Robot Base  

Tracked Robot Crawler / ​Rubber Track Robot Chassis.

Tracked robot base supplier factory in China

Tracked Robotic sprayers 

rubber track conversion system kits, rubber track system

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​​​​​​FIGHTERTRACKS - a professional manufacturer focusing on R&D of all-terrain tracked robot chassis,  all-terrain tracked systems, tracked robot platforms, and other tracked vehicles(products) with rubber tracks and wheels like rubber track chassis for stair climbing, tracked wheelchairs, tracked fire fighting robots, 

Our tracked products can be used in general vehicles like ATV all-terrain vehicles, SUV / UTV, pickup trucks, etc, and special vehicles like light armored vehicles, special robots, agricultural machinery, rescue, and relief vehicles, which go for different terrains like frozen snow, swamps, deserts, mountains, beaches and so on.

Working closely with colleges and institutes, we have strong R&D capability in developing all-terrain rubber track assembly systems and rubber-tracked chassis used on different vehicles and robots. We also provide designing and fabricating services for robotic arms, claws, and related non-standard equipment. 

Fighter tracks Youtube Channel
Rubber tracks for Tracked robot tank chassis & tracked robot base



Rubber Track Conversion

System Kits for SUV / ATV / UTV / Jeeps / Trucks...

Rubber tracks for

Tracked robot tank chassis & tracked robot base 

​​​Tracked ​Robot Platform / ​Rubber Track Robot Chassis.

- Strong R&D ability in all terrain tracked robot chassis and tracked vehicle field.

- Back ground of military tank, 20+ years experience in track vehicles like tracked robot base, robotic tank, tracked robot chassis, RC tank, tracked robot chassis, robot tank chassis...

- Strict quality control system for manufacture of robot tank chassis tracked robot base tracked robot chassis

- Fast reaction, fast delivery.

kids ride on tank , ride on tank toys , CS tank


​​Rubber Track ​Robot Platform , Tracked Robot Undercarriage
Tracked Robotic sprayers

Tracked robot tank chassis, tracked robot base tracked robot chassis

                             450X90X56, 500X90X56

Rubber tracks for Tracked robot tank chassis & tracked robot base, sprockets
​​​Tracked ​Robot Platform / ​Rubber Track Robot Chassis.

Hot Selling Products 

Heavy Duty Tracked Robotic tank crawler H3-400 with 300 - 400kg loading.
The Fearless Tracked Robot: Conquer Any Terrain with this Robot Tank Chassis