Mobile ​​4 wheels unmanned RC robot platform robot chassis base



Wheeled Off-road Robot Platform


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Wheeled Off-road Robot Platform

- 4 wheels drive unmanned RC robot platform / robot chassis / robot base

4 wheels unmanned RC robot platform robot chassis base

Wheeled Off-road Robot Platform - 4 wheel robot chassis Unmanned robot
Wheeled Off-road Robot Platform , 4-wheel robot base

Specifications of ​Wheeled Off-road Robot Platform

  • Max load: >50kg​

  • ​Dimension (LxWxH): 900 x 780 x 514mm

  • Weight: 50kg

  • Application: Off-road vehicles, Robot Ground Vehicle Chassis, robot platform 4 wheel drive, Wheeled Mobile Robot, Autonomous robot, all-terrain robot, 
    Robotic vehicle, Unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), Four-wheel drive robot
    Wheeled robot, Off-road robot, Robotics development platform, Robotic prototyping platform, robotic target ...

  • Battery: 24 V Li battery or lead-acid battery.

  • ​​4wd robot chassis kit can be used as a platform for 4-wheel robots.

  • Equipped with racks on top, more space for further development. 

  • Steering type: differential steering. 

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Wheeled Off-road Robot Platform
​​4 wheels unmanned RC robot platform

Features of our Wheeled Off-road Robot Platform:

        Our Wheeled Off-road Robot Platform unmanned RC platform robot platform/chassis

        / base is designed to build remote-controlled robots or autonomous vehicles. It has 

        the following features:

       1. 4-wheel drive for better traction and maneuverability.
       2. Sturdy construction to support additional components.
       3. Mounting points for attaching sensors, actuators, and control systems.
       4. Include specially designed suspension systems for off-road terrain.

       5. Heavy load up to 100kg. 

       6. Zero turning radius differential steering system.  

       7. Deep groove solid airless rubber tire, more traction in off-road terrain, and long life



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Unmanned robot 4-wheel robot base

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