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All of  our rubber track products are produced in China, we provide world wide shipping service , no matter by air, sea or courier.  If you need shipping to door, please leave your address / port when you sent inquiry to us. 



Small rubber track tank vehicle for kids amusement is ideal for kid amusement on snow field, grass field, sand beach... 

Specification of small rubber track tank vehicle for kids amusement 

1. Dimension:1.38m (L)X 1.05m (W) X 1.2m.
2. Rubber tracks width: 130mm. 
3. Motor: one 2kw 48V DC motor with straight gear box.
4. Load & Weight-
    Max load - 100 kgs
    Self weight - 110 kgs
5. Battery: 30- 60Ah, 48V Lithium-FePO3 battery.

Delivery time: 30 days.

* Note:
Dimensions may have +/-10% change in production. 

We have strong R&D ability, all vehicles can be custom designed as per your requirements. 

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