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  ​  All-terrain Vehicle Technology



All of  our rubber track products are produced in China, we provide world wide shipping service , no matter by air, sea or courier.  If you need shipping to door, please leave your address / port when you sent inquiry to us. 

The 7th step -

 Take the jack out after fixing the bolts well, and then put it under the other side. 
Fix by repeating steps.  

The 6th step - 

 Adjust the height of jack to ensure the outside holes of connecting plate align the install holes of rubber track driving assembly. 

Installation Instruction

 The 4th step -

 Adjust the 4WD switch knob of the front wheel to the lock position, and then switch on the 4WD.

The 2nd step

 Pull the handbrake up, and inspect if the handbrake indicating light is on to ensure be safe.

The 3rd step - 

 Install the front wheel.
Put the jack under the chassis of one front wheel to lift the car up, and then remove the wheel. 

The 1st step

 Prepare tools. The tools along with car can 
serve for installation.

Installation Instruction

The 5th step -

 Fix the connecting plate on the hub with the car's original nuts.