Hi Emily,
We received the tracked robot chassis safe and sound.  Students opened the box, installed the battery (seen in the picture), and drove it around the outside of the school to a door with short stairs and a winch to lower it down into the basement Robotics lab.  The robot platform worked great and they were all very excited about it.
The picture below is of the robot in the lab with the new 100Ah battery.  Yesterday we had our first after-school Robotics weekly meeting and developed plans for camera and light mounting.  We already changed over the Anderson connectors to match the battery pack and connected the wiring for the external charging port.  This Saturday, in our "Open Lab" time, we will be drilling holes and cutting metal pieces to mount external hardware.  We ordered a Motorcycle/ATV lift/Jack to help us raise it off of the floor (should have it for next weekend when we start external hardware wiring updates).
I will send more pictures as we complete the updates and when we deliver them to the Fire Department.  Hopefully, they can do testing over the summer and students next school year can make more improvements.  And, we will tell everyone who sees it where we got the chassis from so they may contact you in the future.
Please thank the team that worked on it.  It was a job well done.  Also, thank you for all of your support.  

tracked robot platform chassis

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