M50P Intelligent GPS Tracked Robotic Lawn Mower  

Weeding in the yard with an intelligent lawn mower can make your mowing work much easier. Just think, in hot summer days, when you stay at home, playing with your kids, watching the garden weeds are treated clean, how comfortable it's.  

We have designed a simple and low-cost lawnmower. This lawnmower has the following features:

  • Lithium battery power, low noise, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving.  Automatic recharging of deficient power, continuous cutting of operation breakpoints. 
  • Automatic route planning, no perimeter line.  
  • Step-less adjustment of mowing height, easy to cut to the root of weeding, self-learning to avoid obstacles, self-detect and avoid obstacles, working speed adaptive adjustment with the load. 
  • Remote communication system: using a graffiti wireless networking module, you can use APP to remotely control the mower and check the mower status at any time.
  • Power system: 20V lithium battery pack with multiple protection functions, with an electric motor and tracked chassis,  more powerful.
  • Mowing control system: use mobile phone 4G signal to realize remote start, one key control brush-less DC motor mowing.​
  • Positioning and navigation system: Beidou navigation, satellite positioning, WIFI networking, theft prevention, and other functions.

Satellite navigation &

Microwave radar. 

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Description of M50P/ Tracked Robotic Lawn Mower

M50P tracked lawnmower is a robotic planning-type border-less intelligent satellite navigation lawnmower with a tracked crawler, it is equipped with an oil-electric hybrid power supply system. It is ideal to be applied for automatic intelligent weedings like orchard, riverbank, and other scenes, the labor cost for weeding can be reduced a great deal. M50P tracked intelligent lawnmower is equipped with the navigation system of "satellite navigation + inertial navigation + microwave radar", it not only can realize intelligent perception and independent safe, but also it can keep the stable operation in a complex environment. Equipped with a high-power four-stroke gasoline engine, it can provide power for both mowing and power generation, it can keep batteries for weeding have enough power. Tracked chassis (crawler) is suitable for hill-climbing and cross-country weeding operations in all types of grass fields.

More features of M50P/ Tracked Robotic Lawn Mower

  • More accurate - High precision electronic map & positioning autonomous navigation of centimeter-level.
  • Strong capability - The tracked crawler has a strong capability of going through outdoor grass fields.
  • 4G remote startup, remote video surveillance and task scheduling, multi-machine cluster collaborative operation.
  • Support autonomous navigation operations and APP operations.​
  • Safer with operation scenario Intrusion detection and alarm function.​
  • More Intelligent - Intelligent operation area statistics, maintenance reminder, oil display, and low-level alarm.
  • More compact size, easy to be carried to any place by a small van. 

Specification of Mower M50P 
Model:  M50P 
Cutting height range:  20-100mm (electric heightening)
Cutting width:  50mm
Max tilt angle:  40°
Blade:  Single blade
Engine:  Four-stroke gasoline engine
             Displacement: 224CC
             Power: 6.5HP
            Start mode: electric/manual start
Tank size:  10L
Fuel: Gasoline:  #92 
Mowing capability:  2500㎡/hour
Refueling operation time:  8 hours
Satellite navigation:  Centimeter-level positioning
Obstacle avoidance radar:  Yes
Collision protection:  Yes
Collision detection:  Yes
Total weight (kgs):  129
Outside dimensions:  95cm x 80cm x 50cm
Data communication:  Bluetooth, WIFI


Robotic Lawn Mower Controlled by Phone