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chassis de robot

High clearance vehicle: 25 hp, 3 cylinder diesel engine from Korea, HST transmission, 500 l liquid box, ground clearance 800 mm.

It can equipped with sprayer assembly and attachments, spray range:12-15 m, 3 cylinder diagram pump, automatic lift up and down, nozzle pressure:0.3-0.5 Mpa.

It can equipped with fertilizer dispenser, working radius 3-4 m, max load 500 kg, suggested working speed:5-8 km. It can equipped with man-less Remote control assembly, working radius 500 m, 16-point analog output or switching output, the remote control handle can execute all function of vehicle.

All of  our rubber track products are produced in China, we provide world wide shipping service , no matter by air, sea or courier.  If you need shipping to door, please leave your address / port when you sent inquiry to us. 

Remote control high clearance boom sprayer