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Specification of tracked robotic RC tank chassis MI-116

  • ​ Dimension: 1159(L)*860m(W)*500m(H)

  •  Max load: 150kg, 2*1000W motor

  •  Speed: 0-8 km/hr

  •  Remote control distance: <=500m

  •  Track width: 100mm

  •  Clearance(From bottom to ground): 137mm.

  •  Material of track: rubber with steel wire reinforcement.

  •  Material of structure: Steel. 

  •  Material of drive sprocket: steel or UHMPE. 

  •  Battery recommended: 48V, 30Ah-50Ah, Lithium battery. 

  •  Slop climbing ability: 35 degrees. 

​Advantages of tracked robotic RC tank chassis MI-116

  • ​Easy operation.

  • Smooth driving.

  • Medium size with heavy loading ability.

  • Brush-less motor, more durable. 

  • Direct gear box, more saving of energy.

  • Consider safety in the control system design, more safe when climb slope.  

  • Special designed rubber track with metal core, never come off when turning   directions with heavy loading. 

  • Continuous spiral structure rubber tracks is more durable compare with rubber   tracks with overlapping joint structure. 

  • MI-116 is designed It's ideal for robot mobile which used in complex   environment with loading 100-200kg.

Receiver Parameters
MI-116 tracked robotic RC tank chassis use 9-channel 2.4GHz dual-core, dual antenna, dual receiver. 
Frequency band: 2.400GHz-2.483GHz
Sensitivity: -97dBm
Ground straight distance: >= 900 meters
Decoding method PPM / PCMS 1024 / PCMS 4096
Quick signal recovery, runaway protection
Power: 4.8-6V
Size: 44.8*27.9*16.39mm.

Driver Parameters 

MI-116 tracked robotic RC tank chassis use 48V 50A driver specially design for tracked vehicles.  
Dimension of driver box: 130 *190 *50mm. 

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