​​Receiver Parameters 
9-channel 2.4GHz dual-core, dual antenna, dual receiver 
Frequency band: 2.400GHz-2.483GHz
Sensitivity: -97dBm
Ground straight distance: >= 900 meters
Decoding method PPM / PCMS 1024 / PCMS 4096
Quick signal recovery, runaway protection
Power: 4.8-6V
Size: 44.8*27.9*16.39mm.

Driver Parameters 

48V50A driver 
Dimensions: 130 * 190 * 50mm

1) Natural convection cooling (the bottom heat sink should be attached to a good heat conductive surface to improve product performance)
2) Equipment anti-vibration
3) Minimum speed, speed closed-loop mode supports 0 speed
4) In speed closed-loop mode, 100 rpm to rated speed, speed error 0.1%
5) Motor stall protection
6) Over temperature protection, over current protection, overload protection
7) Ambient temperature -35 ° C to 60 ° C
8) Ambient humidity ≤80RH

Features of the driver:
1) Dual drive, 2 sets of Hall interface, 2 sets of encoder interface.
2) Closed-loop control, over-voltage monitoring, support for open-loop, Hall closed-loop, and encoder closed-loop.
3) 485 communication interface, CAN communication interface.
4) 8 digital inputs, configurable terminal control, and communication control.
5) 6 digital outputs.

​​All types of our chassis will be tested with max load before shipping. 

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All of our rubber track products are produced in China, we provide worldwide shipping service, whether by air, sea, or courier.  If you need shipping to the door, please leave your address/port when you send an inquiry to us. 

Packing and shipping information for MI-100 robot tank chassis:

Net weight: 132kg, not include battery.

Gross weight: 160kg.

Size of plywood crate: 1125(L)*960(W)*600(H)

Tracked UGV robot
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RC MI-100 

Dimension: 1025(L)*860(W)*430(H).  (The width can be custom-made from 550-900mm)

Motor: industrial brushless DC motor, 48V, 2*1kW.

Max load: 150kg.
Speed: 0-7km/hr.
Width of rubber track: 100mm.
Weight: 132kg, not including battery.

Suspension: Type #2, half suspension or A-type suspension.(See all of our suspension types here).
Application: Inspection robot platform, tank chassis for Fire fighting robot, Robotic base platform.
Recommended battery: 48V, 30-40Ah Lithium-ion battery or Lithium polymer battery.

MOQ: 1 set.
Advantages of robot tank chassis RC-MI100:

  • Easy operation.

  • Smooth driving.

  • Suitable for development and application in various fields.

  • Use a brushless motor, more durable.

  • Use a direct gearbox, for more saving of energy.

  • Optional worm reducer, safer on a slope.

  • The specially designed rubber track never comes off when turning directions.

  • Continuous spiral structure rubber tracks provide more strength than using rubber tracks with overlapping joint structures. 

Application of robot tank chassis RC-MI100:

  • The robot chassis can be equipped with different sensors for different purposes.

  • RC-MI 00 tracked robot chassis can climb over most obstacles including stairs.

  • Ideal for hostage and hazardous surveillance and inspection robot. Excellent choice for bomb diffusing and removal robot.