Receiver Parameters 

9-channel 2.4GHz dual-core, dual antenna, dual receiver 

Frequency band: 2.400GHz-2.483GHz
Sensitivity: -97dBm
Ground straight distance: >= 900 meters
Decoding method PPM / PCMS 1024 / PCMS 4096
Quick signal recovery, runaway protection
Power: 4.8-6V
Size: 44.8*27.9*16.39mm.

Driver Parameters 

48V50A driver 

Dimensions: 130 * 190 * 50mm

Performance  -

1) Natural convection cooling (the bottom heat sink should be attached to a good heat conductive surface to improve product performance)

2) Equipment anti-vibration

3) Minimum speed, speed closed-loop mode supports 0 speed

4) In speed closed-loop mode, 100 rpm to rated speed, speed error 0.1%

5) Motor stall protection

6) Over temperature protection, over current protection, overload protection

7) Ambient temperature -35 ° C to 60 ° C

8) Ambient humidity ≤80RH

Features of driver -

1) Dual drive, 2 sets of Hall interface, 2 sets of encoder interface

2) Closed-loop control, over-voltage monitoring, support for open-loop, Hall closed-loop, and encoder closed-loop

3) 485 communication interface, CAN communication interface

4) 8 digital inputs, configurable terminal control and communication control

5) 6 digital outputs.

Batteries of the robot chassis (base ) - 

Recommended battery of our tracked robot chassis includs 48V Lithium battery or 48V Pb-Acid battery.  The capacity can be 30Ah to 70 Ah. 

Batteries are not included in our standard packaging because it is dangerous goods in the sea / air shipping. 


Application of H2-134 - Used as fire fighting robot with remote control fire fighting water gun:   

All of  our rubber track products are produced in China, we provide world wide shipping service , no matter by air, sea or courier.  If you need shipping to door, please leave your address / port when you sent inquiry to us. 

                Heavy Load Rubber Track Robot RC Tank Chassis

Specification of tracked robot RC tank chassis H2-134: 

  • Dimension: 1.36(L)*0.94m(W)*0.542m(H)
  • Max load: 250kg, 2*1000W motor

  • Speed: 0-8 km/hr

  • Remote control distance: <=500m

  • Track width: 150mm

  • Material of track: rubber with steel wire reinforcement.
  • Material: Steel 
  • Material of drive sprocket: steel or UHMPE
  • Battery recommended: 48V, 30Ah-50Ah, Lithium battery. 
  • Slop climbing ability: 30 degrees

 Advantages of robot tank chassis H2-134

  •  Easy operation.
  •  Large development space and smooth driving.

  •  Suitable for development and application in various fields.

  •  Strong climbing ability.

  •  Use brushless motor, more durable. 
  •  Use direct gear box, more saving of energy.
  •  Consider safty in the control system design, more safe on slope.  
  •  Special designed rubber track, never come off when turning directions. 
  •  Continuous spiral structure rubber tracks provide more strength than using rubber tracks with overlapping joint structure.  


      Heavy load robot tank chassis vehicle H2-134 adopts the design of military tank chassis. Precise dimensions of components and appropriate power motor output make the vehicle have the advantages of strong trafficability, stable operation, etc..  It's ideal for robot mobile which used in complex environment with loading of 200-300kg.


​     Battery recommended: 48V, 30-40 Ahr, Lithium battery.

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