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Model: FRT-760​


  • Dimension: 1054(L)*766(W)*440(H)
  • Ground clearance - 150mm (could be customized as high as 300mm)
  • Brushless motor: industrial brushless DV motor, 48V
  • Weight:120kg, not including battery. 
  • Max loading:100kg
  • Width of rubber track: 150mm
  • A remote wireless controller is available. Range <=500m, 6 channels or 9 channels optional
  • ​​Can be used as a platform for an RC tank robot.


  • Suspension structure available for shock-absorbing  & good at overcrossing obstacles
  • Capable of climbing upstairs  
  • Updated type - Front sprocket driving, remove rear chain box. 


  • Inspection, fire fighting, agriculture...
tracked robot kit

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tracked robot kit

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