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industrial robot chassis 300kg

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Heavy Load Rubber Track Robot Tank Chassis with Remote Control

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Heavy Load Rubber Track Robot Tank Chassis with Remote Control


Specification of robot tank chassis H2-134: 

  • Dimension: 1.342(L)*0.89m(W)*0.522m(H)
  • Max load: 250kg, 2*1000W motor

  • Speed: 0-8 km/hr

  • Remote control distance: <=500m

  • Track width: 150mm

  • Material of sheel: Steel 
  • Battery suggested: 48V, 40Ah-60Ah, Lithium battery. 
  • Slop climbing ability: 40 degree

 Advantages of robot tank chassis H2-134

  •  Easy operation.
  •  Large development space and smooth driving.

  •  Suitable for development and application in various fields.

  •  Strong climbing ability.

  •  Use brushless motor, more durable. 
  •  Use direct gear box, more saving of energy.
  •  Consider safty in the control system design, more safe on slope.  
  •  Special designed rubber track, never come off when turning directions. 
  •  Continuous spiral structure rubber tracks provide more strength than using rubber tracks with overlapping joint structure.  


      Heavy load robot tank chassis vehicle H2-134 adopts the design of military tank chassis. Precise dimensions of components and appropriate power motor output make the vehicle have the advantages of strong trafficability, stable operation, etc..  It's ideal for robot mobile which used in complex environment with loading of 200-300kg.


​     Battery recommended: 48V, 30-40 Ahr, Lithium battery.