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  ​  All-terrain Vehicle  




  • ​Dimension (LxWxH): 1910 x 1300 x 764mm

  • Max load: 180kg​

  • Weight: 260kg

  • Application: special use like fire fighting, military...

  • Industrial heavy duty large size robot chassis.​

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In the year 2020, TSYT was upgraded, the new model type is TSYT-2020

  • ​Dimension (LxWxH): 2001 x 1240 x 675mm

  • Max load: 300kg​

  • Weight: 260kg

  • Standard motor size: 2*1.5kW brushless DC motor. (More options for motor size: 2*1.8kW /2*2.5kW ). 

The new type of chassis is more durable and loading capacity increased to 300kg.

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